Before even turning 5,  I was already curious and interested in how the world worked. I could never stop questioning my parents or any authoritative figure and often held little or no regard to information by authority and this is probably still true now although I do now recognise its importance.

As I grew up, I already found my strength in mathematics with a strong interest in money matters even at the age of 8. As I went into secondary school, my aptitude became clearer and I trained even harder to learn more and improve myself. By Year 7, I was able to do GCSE Maths and a little beyond that too. I knew almost immediately that when I grew up, I would want to make an impact on the world for the greater good and I also knew that I could. By Year 8, I had ventured into the land of programming and computers and I immediately become obsessed with game design and app development until Year 10.

After Year 10, I started making larger projects involving databases and full-stack programming such as a social network, streaming web apps and many others. Here I began to realise my potential and recognised that I could do a lot more in this field. My new passion became programming as it allowed me to create whatever I wanted. At this point, I was also heavily into product design and I really enjoyed it. Maths on the other hand had taken a backseat although I was still more than sufficiently capable, I was not trying to and at the same time was not able to expand my knowledge more than I already had due to lack of resources. At this point, I decided to complete my maths GCSE a year early to allow me to progress further.

By Year 11, I was putting some time in to my GCSEs but I was also developing my skills further. I started AS Maths (although lack of revision and practice did mean I didn't do so well at the end of the year so just retook in Year 12) and continued my projects.

So in Year 12, my failure in AS Maths essentially reinvigorated me to try even harder and become even more hard-working than I was ever before. At this point, I started doing Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science and Chemistry. All of them required a lot of work and it was a big step up from GCSEs. Halfway through Year 12, I dropped chemistry as it did not align with my goals and I did not see the use of it. The choice was between CS and chemistry and CS guaranteed me atleast an A by the end of Year 13 while chemistry required time to be put in especially in the period of my life where I could not dedicate such a large amount of time to something my future was not aligned with.

By this point, I knew that I would be doing one of the following subjects at university:

  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering (either General or a specific type)
  • Product Design
  • Finance

However my choices were quickly narrowed down as maths and physics were too pure and abstract and product design was too narrow.
So now my choices were:

  • Computer Science
  • Electronics
  • Mechanical
  • Finance

So now by the end of Year 12 (as I was applying to Cambridge), I had to pick a subject and as I had little foresight into my future with all the other subjects except computer science, I chose computer science...

Except... for Cambridge I did not pick Computer Science as I particularly despised the course and reading the prospectus for General Engineering, I could see that it taught me everything in engineering and for the first time, I saw value being provided from the student loan! They also taught programming and a lot of the stuff gave me a head-start but it was not like I knew almost all of the course already (like computer science courses at other universities).

I also recognised that most software engineering jobs do not ask for a degree requirement but ask for experience. I quickly decided that this course was perfect as I would learn lots of new things about the world and as I already had the experience, I could always become a software engineer in the future.

So mid Year 13, I happened to get an offer and at the end of the year, I happened to achieve the offer and so now I'm studying Engineering at Cambridge and I am very glad I chose it, especially at the college I am at. It is everything I imagined it to be, possibly even better and this is the story of how I ended up doing engineering.